The indignity of being robbed twice by a seagull

This weekend we went for a family cycle ride on the newly opened “Two Tunnels Greenway” from the city of Bath. It’s a 13 mile, largely traffic-free route along a disused railway line. The first of the two tunnels was a short couple of hundred metres; the second was almost a mile and great fun to all ride along shouting and hearing the echoes.


“Maaaaaaaaaaa-meeeeeeeeee …. me, me, me, me” 

We probably should have come equipped with a light and a bell, but it was a last-minute idea and these days just getting out of the house with a toddler is a major achievement so we didn’t dwell on it too much.

Into the tunnel

Into the tunnel

Disused station platform

Disused station platform



Canal path

Canal path

Pit-stop for raisins

Pit-stop for raisins

We ended up stopping a couple of times for food and wees and other toddler-driven demands, but generally she’s a good little passenger and enjoys the ride. However, by the amount of food she consumed on the ride you’d think she was the one doing the pedalling.

By the time we returned to Bath, the two actual cyclists were starving to we headed to a  cafe for some lunch. The little passenger was in relatively good spirits and was even happier when her hot-dog was brought out for lunch. Unfortunately she let her guard down and to the shock of the whole cafe a seagull swooped down and stole off with her sausage.

Who took my sausage?

“Bu-bye sausage!”

I felt like I ought to man-up and take control of the situation and moved us to what I felt was a more sheltered table beneath the awning. I competently moved our food to the new table, then went back for our belongings. At this point another seagull seized the opportunity and launched an attack on my wife’s sandwich making off with most of it. This was now getting a bit embarrassing and also providing too much entertainment to everyone else. I considered cutting our losses and just tucking into my burger but in the end I moved us insides away from the audience and gained enough sympathy from a waitress to have our stolen dishes re-prepared.

As a countrysider coming into the city for the day, I’d been keeping a diligent eye on our bikes and had somehow managed to have our food stolen from right under my nose. Ah, the indignity. At least we had a good ride.

6 thoughts on “The indignity of being robbed twice by a seagull

  1. bgddyjim says:

    Hey, happy cycling anniversary brother. I know you’ve had your struggles getting your miles in, but an anniversary is an anniversary.

    Your daughter is precious. They grow up quick, man.

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