On Tuesday my commuter bike broke, putting itself out of action; on Wednesday I rode my good bike as fast as I could and broke myself. The rest of the week was a struggle where I probably would’ve driven a car if I had one. 10 hours of weekly cycle commuting probably needs a slightly more pragmatic approach.

Commuter bike out of action – an painful but possible approach to bike weight reduction?

On Saturday morning Ms BikeVCar and I headed to the beautiful city of Bath to enjoy some rest and recuperation at the thermal baths. Jacuzzis, heated pools, steam rooms and an opportunity to expose my embarrassing cycling tan lines in public. We also stopped at the local bike shop to check my bike in for its own spa treatment. The commuter bike is being treated to new wheels, gear cables and brake cables. These components have all covered over 6000km with only my heavy-handed approach to bike maintenance to keep them going, so some professional repair & replacement is probably overdue.

6000km is probably the maximum distance for factory-standard Carerra components